5 natural masks to fight against blackheads

Almost worse than pimples, blackheads are those bad comedones that persist. They are formed when the pores of the face are open and are clogged with dead skin and sebum.

To help you eliminate them, here are some natural and effective remedies . Thanks to the foods that compose them, you will find the limpid complexion that makes you dream. Most of the ingredients in your kitchen , you will have no trouble making them!

How do blackheads appear?

The black spots appear when the pores are clogged by impurities : sebum stuck in the epidermis and expands pores. Sometimes, this causes an inflammation that will create a button, that is why we must avoid to crush them as much as possible. To deal with them, it is rather advisable to well remove makeup every night to clean skin daily morning and evening and apply sanitizer masks , which d├ęsobstruent pores.

An economic mask with baking soda

The baking soda , easily found in organic stores or hardware stores and even some supermarkets, has properties disinfectant natural. Very economical , this miracle powder will allow you, mixed with mineral water, to get rid of blackheads effectively. Apply the paste on your face to the places where the black dots surface. Pay close attention to your eyes during this maneuver.

A purifying mask with egg white

Apply an unctuated egg white with a brush on the face, then apply a tissue paper before covering it with egg white too. Leave for 30 minutes, the mask will solidify. When the egg white has dried, it can be removed gently. The skin is purified and cleansed . In addition, it appears smoother , the egg white having lifting properties.

A repair mask with orange peel

To make this homemade mask, let some orange peels dry for 24 hours, then mix them until you get a powder. Mix it with water until you get a paste, which you have to apply like a mask on the face. The benefits of orange allow a good hydration of the skin but also to repair , especially acne scars for example. Leave this mask on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

A mask with honey and milk powder to fight against bacteria

Both honey bee and milk are rich for the health of the skin. This combination fights bacteria that cause acne and excess fat production. Mix the two ingredients well and after forming a paste, apply it on the skin with gentle massage.  Repeat twice a week.

Astringent mask with yeast and lemon

Mix 1 sachet of baking powder and 4 teaspoons of lemon juice . Allow this mixture to rest for 5 minutes and you should see bubbles appear. Then apply the preparation obtained on a face previously cleaned and leave to act a good ten minutes. Massage well on the areas where black dots are most present. For sensitive skin , prefer rose water to lemon juice. The yeast enjoys benefits cleansing and astringent, which will act on dilated and clogged pores of sebum. As for the lemon , it eliminates theexcess of sebum , a factor favoring the appearance of pimples. The hydration of your skin is even more active after making a mask: awakened by the active agents of the products, it deserves now to be soothed. It’s time for you to apply your moisturizer .