Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Social networks are often perceived as the preferred marketing tool for small businesses: they are free and easy to handle by any community manager. Before they made their appearance, SMEs used mainly the famous “e-mail”, or email, to stay connected.

Email marketing is exactly that, but in digital version. In either case, you need contact information to promote your business. When it comes to email marketing, this data takes the form of a mailing list based on your existing customers or email addresses that you have obtained through site registrations.

There are several ways to get a list of email addresses. But once it’s done, you have a new challenge: turn them into customers. In order to make the best use of your leads, it is crucial to have a versatile email platform that will help you send the right information where it is needed.

Today, it seems obvious to many people that social marketing alone is less fruitful than email marketing. Even with the strongest social media strategy, keep in mind that email marketing opens doors to hundreds of opportunities you might miss otherwise. To find what’s best for you, we’ve listed the best email marketing tools for your business.


Despite its humorous style, MailChimp is one of the most serious email marketing tools, one of the most popular and easy to use. It is especially useful if you are just starting email marketing.

MailChimp will do most of the work for you, including product tracking and inventory availability updates. It will track the purchases of your customers. In this way, you can target them with similar product offers. You can also integrate MailChimp into your Facebook or Twitter account, this will allow you to gather email marketing and social media marketing.

If you have an online store, MailChimp has a lot of interesting options for you. It connects directly to services like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce.

Beginners will appreciate the intuitive drag and drop interface in MailChimp’s email creator and the dashboard is easy to use. To track success stories, you can easily generate reports of your campaigns to see how many people have opened their email, which links got the most clicks, and which customer segments responded best to different offers.

MailChimp is also very accessible, with a “free lifetime” plan to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers a month. It is the ideal tool for small businesses starting up their business.


The next on the list is Litmus, a versatile platform that takes analytics to the next level. Litmus specializes in test emails and tracking emails with advanced features to help you adjust your email marketing strategy. This platform is more advanced than MailChimp, but it is also easy to use and it perfectly complements e-mail campaigns that you could run on another service.

Litmus not only tests the optimization of email on PCs and laptops, but also on mobile devices. As the market is increasingly mobile, it is an important strategy for success. If you test your emails before sending them, you will see what they look like in your recipients. By tweaking the presentation and loading time of emails you send, automatically removing broken links and standardizing design elements, Litmus will help you make the most of your money.

Litmus will also track your emails to get important information: for example which devices were used to open emails, when they were opened, and how long the recipients spent on them.

As a test and follow-up tool, Litmus is perfect. After a free 7 day trial, you will pay around 75 € / month. Given the results it provides, this is an attractive investment for those with a medium or large email marketing list.

Reach Mail:

For those on a budget and who want to benefit from optimization and analysis of emails, Reach Mail is an interesting and affordable option that costs only the equivalent of $ 10 per month (or 9.50 euros).

Like Litmus, Reach Mail offers email testing and track email performance. It also has a spam controller, which tests your emails to see if they can be marked as spam. One of the interesting features of Reach Mail is that it considers your emails as entire compositions, taking into account the subject of the message and the content in its analysis. This is important for determining the success of your campaigns in advance.

Like MailChimp, Reach Mail offers hundreds of attractive templates to create your emails. Thus, you will not need graphics or layouts to send a professional quality email. And if you want something more original for a special occasion, you can totally request a custom design directly through the service.


Formerly known as TargetHero, ActiveTrail is an email marketing solution that targets in particular the growing population of users who read their emails on mobile devices.

In addition to sending and composing regular emails, ActiveTrail will automatically send targeted emails to people on your list who perform certain actions on your website (for example, registering for newsletters or signing up for a campaign. any). These automated responses can be a “thank you” or verification email that includes product offers and other promotional information relevant to the targeted user. In this way, you do your marketing every step of the way!

ActiveTrail rates are phased. For about € 7 per month, you can manage up to 500 subscribers and it goes up to € 55 per month for 10,000 subscribers. This range of options makes it easier to start if you are a small business and grow according to your needs. If you want to try this tool, there is also a free trial, so enjoy before you commit