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The galaxy “Destiny” continues its interstellar expansion. Activision has just released Renegades, a new adventure for the 2nd opus online multiplayer shooter. Available on consoles and PCs, this episode brings a darker scenario to the main saga by tragically beginning with the death of one of his heroes: Cayde-6. A character particularly appreciated by the fans. Above all, this assassination will serve as a basis for a quest for revenge, targeting its author, the terrible Uldren Sov. Destiny 2: Renegades intelligently revives the space epic of the saga, taking the player by the feelings, while inviting him to ally with new extraterrestrial races and elite warriors. The Bungie studio is also expanding their playing territory, with a multitude of missions on two new worlds to explore: the Embroidered Coast and the City of Dreams. In addition, a new appreciable mode is proposed. Known as Gambit, it allows you to learn the complex universe of Destiny by facing a horde of enemies in short games.


Become an icon among fans of Japanese video games, witch Bayonetta operates an explosive comeback. The first and second installments of this saga, which bears his name, are available from today on Nintendo Switch. Respectively released in 2009 and 2014, these two action titles had already caught the attention of gamers, offering gameplay survitaminé. Designed by Hideki Kamiya, father of the famous Devil May Cry series, these titles have not aged over time. Armed from head to toe, and relying on her magical powers, Bayonetta deploys an arsenal that is not finesse and requires reflexes worthy of a feline to face hordes of enemies. Refined graphics, accelerated animation speed and an all new multiplayer mode offer an interesting facelift to these games, while waiting for the third part, already announced.


Treasure map, wooden legs, eye patch, grog and black pavilions will feed the day-to-day life of an Xbox Oneor a PC. Sea of ​​Thieves is available. A title that piracy fans should rush to count among their loot. The studio Rare invites them to embark on an exclusively multiplayer game to found a crew and go on the assault of the Caribbean and their treasures. It’s up to them to draw their swords to write their legend. The virtual buccaneers will have to hoist the mainsail to board galleons filled with gold, after making gunpowder talk. From rum-fireside parties to epic battles with the Kraken – whose giant tentacles can break a ship – Sea of ​​Thieves gives a humorous account of the lives of these adventurous bandits.