Techniques To Make A Button Disappear

How to remove a button?

The first thing you need to know is that each type of button has its solution.

Remove a white button:

Let’s start by attacking the most disturbing, disgusting, the most tempting to break through, namely the  white button , obviously. Resist the urge to pierce it because this pustule, once pierced, is a real nest of bacteria.

Once the face is thoroughly cleansed with micellar water, apply a warm compress or inhalation to open the pores. Then apply tea essential oil on the button .

Make a red button disappear:

This type of button is often painful, and even more annoying, very bright: the spot par excellence! Just like the white button, the first thing to do is a good skin cleansing , however without scrubbing to the hard.

To do this, micellar water remains the best solution. It is then advisable to put icicles wrapped in a soft tissue then tap on the area to be treated to soothe it. You can then apply moisturizer to nourish the skin.

Remove the cysts:

The microcysts are very painful and frustrating because they stay under the skin. Facial exfoliation is recommended. Be careful to use mild products that do not attack the skin.

Be sure to apply an AHA acid cream before bedtime preferably. The acids that make up this type of cream (lactic, citric ..) will develop the encysted button until eliminated. Upon waking, clean the skin with micellar water and apply a moisturizer.

This method to make a button disappear is very effective, although a little slow, so patience!

Eliminate herpes pimples:

There are two categories of people: those who have never had a cold sore, and the others, who suffer at the slightest blow of cold or period of stress. For these unfortunates, here is the solution:

As soon as it arrives, place an ice cube wrapped in a clean cloth and then apply the honeycomb to dry the button and help the immune system to defend itself. You can replace honey with niaouli essential oil. Apply several times a day until you say goodbye to your cold sores.

The foods and remedies of grandmother to make a button disappear:

Know also that many natural foods have effective virtues to treat impurities and quickly eliminate a pimple on the face.

1 – The lemon

Another effective remedy for quickly removing a pimple on the face is to apply some fresh lemon juice on it. The acids and vitamins in it will help dry the pimple and act as an antiseptic.

2 – Toothpaste to remove a pimple: myth or safe bet?

The toothpaste is known to be an effective remedy against the pimple because it dries it indeed but it is not always a good solution. It all depends on the type of skin. Fluoride and chemicals can irritate and discolour sensitive skin. In all cases, it is recommended to use a toothpaste without fluorine and organic , softer for the skin.

3 – Green tea

A miracle and homemade blend to fight a pimple is to mix a little green tea with yeast. The green tea is indeed a natural antibacterial that allows you to make disappear a button .

4 – Honey and cinnamon, efficiency guaranteed!

This remedy will not only cure a pimple but also deeply moisturize the skin. Just form a paste with both ingredients and apply it to clean skin on areas to be treated before bedtime.

5 – Lavender oil

The dermatological properties of lavender will act on impurities such as pimples and blackheads. For greater efficiency, apply on the areas to be treated preferably before bedtime to let act all the night.

Its properties will be increased tenfold by letting the lavender oil cool in the refrigerator for half an hour or by applying an ice cube on the area to be treated before the oil.

6 – Green clay, perfect for oily skin

Green clay is known to rebalance oily skin and for its antibacterial properties. By using it as a mask, it is effective for making buttons disappear.

Vigilance all the same. Some skins are prone to tingling after a certain time of exposure. If this is your case, it will then remove the mask with the first tingling.

7 – Papaya, like lemon but better

The substances contained in this tropical fruit such as vitamins A, B and C will act as an anti-inflammatory on the pimples of the face and as natural antioxidants. The papain contained in the fruit will also help to exfoliate the skin and regenerate the cells.

You can use the masked pulp directly on the skin or mix this pulp with oats for more efficiency. To make this mask, it will remove the seeds of the fruit and mix the pulp and a little fruit in a container with two or three spoonful of oat chips and half a glass of water to form a homogeneous paw.

8 – Garlic

Natural antiseptic and antibacterial, garlic also acts as an antioxidant. For this reason, it is an effective weapon to make a button disappear. Apply a little garlic directly to the part to be treated by rubbing half of a pod .

This remedy is to be performed three to four times a day until the button disappears.

9 – Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate can be effective in combination with another remedy product such as lavender oil or lemon juice.

Mix half a glass of water mixed with a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate to obtain a paste to apply on the infected part and let it act for 15 minutes.

10 – Camouflage solution

And to hide a button while waiting for it to go quietly, there are color correctors adapted to the color of the button.

For a red button, apply a green corrector by tapping, and if it has already started to disappear, an orange corrector can do the trick. Above, apply the correct corrector to your skin and blend over the area around the button. Finish with loose powder.

How to avoid the appearance of pimples?

The important thing is to clean the face but watch out for the most fragile skin. Excessive cleaning, sometimes with aggressive products, can dry the skin and cause excess oil. It is better to use lotions suitable for sensitive skin, soft for the skin, and use thermal water at the end of each cleaning.