Types Of Pimples & How To Treat Them


Woman applying cream to treat labial herpes.

Profile: This is a small, red and painful ball.

Location: Generally in the lower portion of the face and on the upper neck.

Causes: A hormonal imbalance, and sometimes also an abuse of sausages or junk food .

Treatment (s): Pimple is one of risk of torturing for nothing and to mark the epidermis in the long term”, explains Claire Martichoux, founder French beauty institutes Les Petits Soins. We just speed up its emergence then its drying by various means (ex .: tea tree essential oil, a salicylic acid treatment, a clay hazelnut or a charcoal mask) at bedtime, two or three nights in a row).


Profile: It is also called “milium grain” because it is composed of a small subcutaneous mass of dead cells that are painless, without pus or redness.

Location: It does not have a precise point of fall but often emerges in a cluster.

Causes: It is most often the result of an abuse of the sun or an unsuitable cosmetic, even poorly cleansed.

Treatment (s): A good mechanical, enzymatic or salicylic scrub is life saving. That said, if the volume button refuses to go out, we do not insist (it could irritate the skin). We then take a meeting with a pro, for a thorough cleansing of the skin with extraction.


Profile: He is rather voluminous, with a clearly visible head. If the latter is white is that the comedone is closed (it’s called a button), and if it is rather black, it is that the comedone is open (this is the famous black dot).

Location: These villains take the area T (front, nose, chin), sometimes scattering elsewhere on the lower face and even on the temples.

Causes: Seborrheic overproduction combined with dilated skin pores, poor make-up removal, use of outdated or poor quality cosmetics, prolonged exposure to uV rays, sometimes even a triple C cravings (chips, chocolate, cold cuts).

Treatment (s): A clear removal of the pores is required. hurry up! Morning and evening, it is then recommended to opt for an astringent lotion, and every two days, for a scrub with fruit acids.


Profile: It is a papule, that is to say a button with red head (for info: the white heads are rather called pustules). “Five to ten percent of people are affected by outbreaks of rosacea, whose manifestations can last for weeks or even months,” says French dermatologist Nina Roos.

Location: Most often, cheeks and nose are the expense.

Causes: Rosacea is a chronic infection whose origin is not yet well determined. Still, stress, hormonal changes, contraception (anovulant, IUD) and the abuse of cosmetics often make the problem worse.

Treatment (s): We start with targeted antirosace care, then we consult a dermatologist who will prescribe medications if necessary, or even vascular laser sessions, effective to treat varicosities.


Profile: This is a solitary wolf that stings the day before it leaves, then becomes red, swollen and sometimes accompanied by small blisters (vesicles). It is also called herpes labialis or wild fire.

Location: Around the mouth and inside the nose.

Causes: Fatigue, stress or sun can explain the emergence. Unfortunately, once stated, the cold sore is a chronic and contagious virus. When we suffer from it, we refrain from covering our entourage with kisses.

Treatment (s): If one is careful, one can fight the enemy when he is tingling and is not yet visible. “As there is no lesion or fissure of the skin, at this point, niaouli essential oil, if it is well tolerated, can be an effective solution,” says dermatologist Nina Roos. It is applied to the area to be treated with a cotton swab, at least four times a day for three days. If the vesicles are already out, we consult a doctor or we wait a week, the time that everything disappears gradually.